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Here are some of the most asked questions about our online delivery manager and the app. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, pleasecontact us and we will be glad to help you out.

What are the best mobile devices for using the app?

The app is compatible with all Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices and all 4th generation Android devices (Ice Cream Sandwich and later).

However, we do recommend using an Android device if you have a choice. There are several reasons for this:

  • The iPhone has a smaller screen than most Android devices which makes on-screen signature tool a little difficult to use.
  • iPad tablet devices do not always have GPS (generally GPS is not available on WiFi-only models). This means that the courier tracking and “exact location recording” is not so accurate.
  • Due to the open architecture of Android we are able to add new features and updates more quickly to the Android app. Some new features that we are currently working on may not be included in the iOS version due to incompatibility issues.

When choosing an device we recommend the following specification:

  • Built-in GPS. Required for accurate courier tracking.
  • Built-in WiFi. Required if you do not have a mobile data contract.
  • Built-in rear-facing high-resolution camera with auto-focus. Required for using the barcode scanner.
  • A mobile data contract (2 Gb per month should be more than enough as the app does not use much data).
  • Unlimited texts contract. A good idea if you are going to use the device for sending out the automated delivery notifications to customers.
  • A large screen.
  • Good battery life.

The app should work on any 4th generation Android phone or tablet. Specifically, it has been tested on the Nexus 7 tablet, Nexus 4 phone and Samsung Galaxy Mega phone.

We highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy Mega as this has a very large screen, good battery life and is scratch and dust proof.

See also:

  • Do I need a device with a mobile data contact?
Do I need a device with a mobile data contract?

The short answer is ‘no’.

The app can be used on devices that only have a WiFi connection. The app only needs to have access to the Internet when you login. After you have logged in the app will cache all changes you make whilst there is no Internet connection available. When you next connect to a WiFi network, the app will sync all data in the cache with the online delivery managment database.

The disadvantage of not using a mobile data connection is that the courier tracking will not be ‘live’ – you will have to wait until the device is next connected in order to view the tracking data in the online delivery manager.

What web browsers are compatible with the online delivery manager?

The online delivery manager website (located at is compatible with the latest desktop versions of the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

If you are having difficulties in using the online delivery manager website, please make sure that your web browser is up to date with the latest version available.

Although we have not tested the online delivery manager website on mobile or tablet devices, you will probably find that it works on such devices. However, the site is designed for use on larger screens, so we recommend that you generally access it via a desktop computer.

How can I improve the accuracy of the courier tracking?

There are several factors that affect the accuracy of the courier tracking. Please note the following considerations:

Device specificaton

For highest accuracy and frequent position updates you need a device that has built-in GPS. Please note that may iPad tablet devices do not have a built-in GPS sensor.

Make sure that if your device has GPS that it is switched on. See the following links for information on how to do this:

Device position

In order for the device to be able to get a consistent, accurate GPS lock we recommend that the device be placed in a holder attached to the windscreen of the delivery vehicle whilst the courier is travelling between deliveries.

Screen sleep mode

If the screen is turned off on the device (either manually or automatically by the system) the frequency of the position recording is affected. On most Android devices this become less regular or erratic, on iOS devices the recording pauses entirely.

If you find that the tracking is irregular, it is possible to set the app to keep the screen switched on. This can be set via the “Courier” tab in the online delivery manager for each individual courier. Please note that the courier can still switch the screen off manually, so they will need to be instructed accordingly.

iOS considerations

On iOS devices (iPhone / iPad) the tracking gets paused when the user switched to another app (for example, the user may switch to the Maps app for directions to the next delivery). This is because iOS pauses all operations in an app when another app is being used.

For this reason we generally recommend that you use an Android device if you have the choice.

Can I import my customer data into the online delivery manger?

There is currently no data import facility within the online delivery manager. This is something that we have considered adding, but for the time-being decided against for the following reasons:

  • We found that many of our clients existing customer databases contained inaccurate and out of date information. It can take loner to remove inaccurate data than to type it in from fresh.
  • Inputting data manually allows you to validate it accurately and prune away records of customer who have moved or deceased.
  • Existing customer database formats vary greatly so it is difficult to provide an import tool that is compatible with all.

Still want to import your data?

If after considering the above, you feel that data importing is still the best option for you, we are happy to help!

If you can send us your customer data in a spreadsheet we will import it for you – free of charge.

The spreadsheet must contain the following information for all records:

  • First name or initial
  • Last name
  • First line of address
  • Address town or city
  • Address post code

The spreadsheet may also contain the following optional information for any of the records:

  • PMR reference number
  • NHS number – highly recommended
  • Date of birth
  • Email address – required if customer wants delivery notifications by email
  • Telephone number
  • Mobile telephone number – required if customer wants delivery notifications by SMS
  • Second line of address
  • Address county
  • Doctor’s name
  • Surgery name
  • Surgery address – line 1
  • Surgery address – line 2
  • Surgery address – town / city
  • Surgery address – county
  • Surgery address – post code
  • Delivery notes/instructions

For further information please contact us.