We are very excited to be able to announce that from October the 1st 2015, Pro Delivery Manager is available exclusively via the National Pharmacy Association.

The primary benefit of our relationship with the NPA is that users of Pro Delivery Manager will enjoy a first-class customer support service.

Customer support will in fact be provided by the NPA. The NPA have set up a dedicated team that is on hand to help get pharmacies up and running with Pro Delivery Manager and to respond to any issues experienced in day-to-day usage.

The NPA are able to assist with selection of suitable hardware and with importing of your patient database so that you can get up and running with Pro Delivery Manager quickly and easily.

Going forward, the NPA will also be hosting the Pro Delivery Manager system including all data stored in your account. This will ensure that the highest levels of data protection / information governance are consistently met.

As a result of this partnership pharmacies will be able to enjoy a high level of confidence in the Pro Delivery Manager solution now and in the future.