Pro Delivery Manager

The professional solution for scheduling, recording and tracking your courier and deliveries in real-time

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Schedule your prescription deliveries

Deliveries can be scheduled any staff for any date using our online delivery manager or our app. Regular repeat deliveries can be automatically scheduled by the system.


Notify your customers about their delivery

The system can be configured to send a customised message to your customers by email or SMS when a delivery is scheduled, out for delivery or when delivery is completed.

Track drivers and deliveries in real-time

The interactive map allows real-time location tracking of the driver and current status of each scheduled delivery. The drivers route is also shown on the map.


Track and log status of deliveries

Delivery outcomes are recorded by the driver within the mobile app. Delivery time, items included, driver notes and the recipient’s signature. All records are searchable.

Automatic efficient delivery routing

The most efficient delivery route is automatically calculated by the app. Drivers can follow the suggested route or their own by viewing the interactive map within the app.

In-depth reporting of delivery performance

The system automatically compiles daily email reports which show the performance of each pharmacy and delivery driver over various periods of time.